Construction Hoists

Versatile Construction Hoists Available in Western Australia and all other Australian states

From small to very large construction projects DE JONG Hoists (Aus) can offer you the most efficient, cost effective way to transport materials and workers to desired heights. They are all executed with a very reliable rack and pinion drive system and also have a special separate dedicated safety brake system that gives an extra level of safety.

The machines, which are manufactured in the Netherlands, are well known for their reliability, ease of use, and minimal maintenance costs. This is a global reputation we are committed to uphold with every piece of equipment we have for sale or hire. This, together with interchangeable parts between the several models, makes our extensive line of construction hoists a very good investment for your company. We assure compliance with all Australian standards, ensuring the safe manufacture and design of every unit.

All the DE JONG machines are fully hot dipped galvanized. They are built to a very heavy duty standard and made for what they need to do “lifting” materials and or people on construction sites! That’s why the machines are preferred and used by a lot of construction companies, scaffold companies, hire companies, and businesses involved in the mining, resources, industrial, and oil and gas sectors.

DE JONG Hoists (Aus) offers 2 main categories of construction hoists: hoists exclusively for materials, and a man and materials hoists (Alimak type). These units move your team members and materials safely and with no impact on your existing internal lifts during construction projects. Rest assured that whatever work environment you set it up, our units will perform with utmost precision.

Construction Hoist Applications

These versatile machines have a wide range of applications on construction sites. DE JONG Construction hoists are often used on large scale projects such as high rise buildings, towers, hospitals and more. Our construction hoists are an asset on any site because they allow you to quickly and easily move materials and men from the ground floor to higher levels.

This efficiency is important, especially on large projects, as it minimises waste. With other transportation methods, your crew will spend too much time waiting around for materials and personnel to arrive wherever they are needed. Often other lifting equipment also do not operate as quickly, which means that your crew will spend much more time getting the job done!

The reason these construction hoists deliver these benefits is because of the way they are designed and installed. Mast sections are securely fixed to building (anchoring distance depending on type of machine )   A heavy duty cage is then used to allow travel along the mast. The rack and pinion system is what allows the mast to climb at various speeds and ultimately increases its efficiency.

We have a large selection of hoists for your construction applications. For smaller jobs, we have construction hoists with capacities ranging between 300kg and 2000kg. For larger jobs, we have Man and Materials hoists that hold up to 3.2T and they are also available in twin cage execution.

At DE JONG (Aus) we carry both new and used equipment. We also have hoists for sale or for hire, depending on your unique needs. Contact us today or browse our website to learn more about our high quality construction hoists.

Why Use Our  DE JONG Construction Hoists?

When it comes to buying or renting a construction hoist, you have several companies to choose from. What sets DE JONG Hoists (Aus) apart is our commitment to high quality service and reliable products. Not many companies are involved in the entire process, but we are able to have the hoists manufactured, fully installed, maintained, repaired, and more.

We start each project by taking the time to fully understand your unique needs. This allows us to help you choose the construction hoist that is best for you, as well as customise the solution based on the details of your project.

We have a team of technicians and electricians who can assist your team during the installation, or handle the installation completely for you. We stock all parts and provide full backup because we understand that even a little downtime is very costly for your business.

Our products are also of an extremely high calibre. Each and every piece of equipment is specifically designed with the end use in mind. This focus leads to durable products that are perfect for your project

We are the rack and pinion hoist specialist that can and will support you all the way.!

Call us today to learn more about our DE JONG construction hoists or to request a quote on any of our machines. We also have financing options available. Let us help you determine which unit will work best for your operations. We look forward to helping you with your current or next project soon.

With these DUTCH quality engineered products and full support from our branch in Perth WA you can’t go wrong!

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