PT2000 - 2000KG Man & Materials Hoist

Do you need to lift personnel and goods fast and safely to certain heights? Our DE JONG Man & Materials hoist from the PT1500/2000 series will offer you the optimum solution for low, medium and high rise constructions of all types.

The machines can be used for example at new building construction sites , refurbishments, chimney’s, offshore and bridge constructions. These are in the Netherlands designed and manufactured machines which are built to the highest safety standards and of course comply with the Australian standards.

 The PT2000 has a payload capacity of 2000kg or 24 persons. Large advantage is that the machines can be installed WITHOUT the use of an elevator pit. The machines can just be installed on a flat concrete slab.

This makes them the perfect machine for installation on location where there’s no pit possible and no long entrance ramp is possible. Just a short loadingramp will be sufficient! It can also be executed with a front load which makes it very easy to load, for example full pallets with materials, into the hoist with a forklift which will make the machine even more efficient.

Large cages mean faster construction times:

The machine is equipped delivered with a cage of 220x150x219 cm. or 320x150x219cm.

With the 3.2m cage most building materials can be brought up or down with the machine. This means less usage of a (tower) crane on site which will be a big saving on site costs. It also allows you to get most materials safely at height even  in the situation that  the tower crane is out of service due to windy  conditions, the hoist in most occasions will still be operational which means less down time and faster construction times.


Due to the fact that the machine doesn’t need an elevator pit the installation is very flexible. Just a flat concrete slab will or suspended slab will be sufficient. This makes the installation of a large entrance ramp or stair to the hoist entrance unnecessary.

The base surround is installed with easy pin connections which makes installation very fast and easy.

The installation of the masts can easily and safely take place from  the installation platform at the side of the mast which is standard delivered.

You can use the special designed electrical auxiliary mast to install the mast sections (optional.)

The tie in distance can be up to every 12m which makes it also possible to install it on locations where less anchoring points are available.

Safety devices:

The machines are executed with a certified safety brake which will automatically activate  if the  lowering speed of the machine exceeds 1,2 to 1,4 the normal speed.

The machines are also standard executed with an overload device that activates if the machine is overloaded.

Safety gates at floor levels will make sure all levels will be secured.


The masts of the PT2000 are interchangeable with the mast of the PT1500 and the materials hoists MP1000/1500/2000 which makes it a very profitable investment for companies who want to expand in Man & Materials hoists.

Low maintenance costs:

The frame and mast are fully hot dipped galvanized, and extremely robust executed which ensures minimal maintenance costs.

DE JONG has chosen the option of minimal electronics in the machine and most of the functions are controlled by standard Telemecanique limit switches and contactors which are extremely reliable in all environments. Additional advantage is that in case of a breakdown most parts will be locally available and repairs can fast be done by local electrician without the need of expensive special manufactured spare parts. So down time will be brought back to the minimum.

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Brochure DEJONG PT2000

Payload Capacity: 2000kg.
Cage dimensions * Option 1: 220 x 150 x 219 cm. (LxWxH)
Option 2: 320 x 150 x 219 cm. (LxWxH)
Power requirement: 415V 3 phase 50Hz
Max mast height: 75m (Higher on request)
Tie in distance: every 12m.
Weight basic machine **: 3150 kg. appr.
Motor capacity: 2 x 7.5kW, 2 speed
* 320x150cm cage dimension
** Approximately