Glide Rail Extension

SCANCLIMBER’S GLIDE RAIL is an additional equipment meant for the Mast Climbing Work Platform which helps to move and deliver façade elements on the platform at any given height. The Glide Rail has a simple design and it is easy to install. The add-on is compatible with all the middle to high payload range capacity MCWPs.

THE GLIDE RAIL is a special MCWP add-on that helps to trans-port and deliver facade elements (such as glass/concrete panels) at any given height. This versatile expansion can be mounted on to the lifting frame of the mast climber and hence it moves up and down along with it.

THE GLIDE RAIL can be equipped with a lifting device such as a monorail. The monorail runs along the glide rail and helps to lft and transport material from the platform to the facade.


  • Glide rail is light in weight and has a modular design and is easy to be installed on the MCWP
  • Glide rail helps to cut down the use of a crane thereby saves many substantial transportation costs.
  • Glide rail is compatible with all the latest MCWPs by Scanclimber and can be used on both single and twin mast arrangement.
  • Glide has an extension system which allows the rail to be moved from the edge of the platform towards the building.

THE GLIDE RAIL has a maximum payload of 600 kg. It can be carried on the platform up to a height desired and once it is latched on to the lifting frame and locked, it does not have any effect on the payload capacity of the MCWP.

Height frame 2660 mm
Width frame 1260 mm
DIstance bwteen the glide rail and the wall 145-1145 mm
Payload range 600 kg (maximum)
Free standing Not allowed
Maximum anchor spacing Depends on platform and application
Maximum overhang before last anchor 6.25 m
Maximum width Single platform : 16 m
Twin platform : 32 m