Snake Platform

THE SCANCLIMBER SNAKE PLATFORM is a versatile addition to the Scanclimber product range. It is a hinged platform system which can be used with Scanclimber SC5000, SC6000 and SC8000 Mast Climbing Work Platforms.

THE SNAKE PLATFORM consists of platform sections and a root adapter. The sections are available in two lengths: 1,5 m and 0,6 m. The Snake platform sections can be adjusted in different angles (+-45 deg) steplessly and safely at any height to follow the structures and shapes of the building. The adjustment can be made easily with a simple ratchet or a screw gun. The Snake is suitable for working on round, curved, coneshaped and other varying wall surfaces.


  • Revolutionary ability to adjust the platform profile steplessly whilst in the air and in complete safety
  • Platform sections can be rotated through a range of 90 degrees in relation to its neihbouring section
  • L and T adapters allow internal and external tubular facades to be accessed from a single mast
  • Ability to bypass obstructions and architectural features with ease and provide access to all areas
  • Virtually limitless height capability
  • Minimal ground area required for set up allows access in the most congested industrial environments
  • Low components weights require no special transport or craneage to transport or install
  • Robust design, materials and manufacture allows freedom of use in hostile environments
  • Rapid erection and dismantling reduce overall production down time massively


  • Petrochemical facilities, tanks and vessels
  • Power generation
  • Bridge structures
  • Industrial process plants
  • Wind generation construction and maintenance
  • Shipyards