Mast Climbing Work Platforms

RACK AND PINION DRIVEN WORK PLATFORMS are lifting machines as well as working platforms – all in one convenient package. Materials and workers can be lifted to desired heights both safely and conveniently. Mast climbing work platforms are cost efficient and time efficient solutions for various worksites.

WORK PRODUCTIVITY can be easily improved by third with a mast climbing work platform. Two people working on the platform can achieve similar results as four workers working on traditional scaffoldings. The mast climbing work platforms greatly reduce the time spent going up and down.

SURROUNDING RAILINGS of Scanclimber’s mast climbing work platforms naturally increase work safety. The platforms are also equipped with fastening points for safety harnesses. These safety features effectively minimize injuries at the work site. All Scanclimber mast climbers are safety-approved worldwide. A powerful safety brake provides additional level of protection.

THE MODULAR DESIGN enables the use of same parts and components in various Scanclimber products. The platforms are easy and quick to erect and assemble manually, and to transfer to a new location when necessary. The material of the mast and platform is hot-dip galvanized steel. The platform floor is made of ridged aluminum sheet. Since the mast climbers can be dismantled into modules, they are easy to store and require little space.

WORK PLATFORMS are available either with a wheel chassis or a mini-chassis. A work platform on a wheel chassis may be either moved around a worksite with its own electric motor or it can be towed. The wheel chassis has swiveling telescopic outriggers that can be adjusted to several positions in order to support the mast climbing work platform. The outriggers allow the machine to stand on the wheel chassis and to be erected without anchoring.

SCANCLIMBER PRODUCTS are of long-lasting quality. It is in the structure, raw materials, automated manufacturing processes and finishing work. For example, the mast sections are precision welded of high quality steel by robots, and when ready they are finished with hot-dip galvanization.