Centum SC10000

CENTUM SC10000 is a robust lifting machine with a rack and pinion driven work platform. It has the strongest drive unit in the product family of MCWP’s. Two 5.5 kW motors lift softly the platform with the lifting speed of 7 m / min to the required working height. Centum is an ideal choice for the heavy-duty façade works and for projects requiring an extra-large platform size at demanding heights.

THE MAXIMUM LOADING CAPACITY as a single mast arrangement is 6000 kg at a platform length of 4,1 m. The single mast configuration gives a maximum platform length of 20 m and a payload capacity of slightly over 1700 kg. The Centum’s twin mast version capacity can exceed a whopping 10000 kg at a platform length of 15,8 m. When using a twin mast configuration the platform length can safely reach up to a 48,6 m, at which the loading limit is still 1500 kg. When anchored with standard parts at constant intervals the mast can reach up to a height of 150 meters. Special anchoring allows even higher heights by request.

IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY AND ERGONOMICS with using the MCWP’s extensions. Using Scanclimber’s platform extensions gaps and offsets between the platform and the building they are erected can be easily accessed. These extensions are adjustable and can extend the platform length up to 6 meters. They are available in three sizes; 2,6-6 m, 0-2,5 m and 0-1,8 m. These extensions help to work behind and around corners which were previously out of reach. There is also a special bricklaying extension; a platform that can be lowered 70 cm below the actual platform level, so ensuring the materials on the platform are at a comfortable height for workers.