Mast Climber Extensions

Heavy Duty Chassis & Mast Section

HEAVY DUTY (HD) CHASSIS with new HD mast allows to use Mast Climbing Work Platforms up to 30 meters height freestanding. Not only that but using the Chassis with outriggers, the mast climber can be used up to 55 meters height with only attaching the top anchor with mast. When it comes to compatibility, the HD chassis can be used with  whole range of Mast Climbing Work Platforms i.e. SC5000, SC6000, SC8000 and SC10000.

Glide Rail Extension

SCANCLIMBER’S GLIDE RAIL is an additional equipment meant for the Mast Climbing Work Platform which helps to move and deliver façade elements on the platform at any given height. The Glide Rail has a simple design and it is easy to install. The add-on is compatible with all the middle to high payload range capacity MCWPs.

Counter Balanced Extension (CBE)

THE SCANCLIMBER COUNTER BALANCED EXTENSION (CBE) is a Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) expansion which is available on special order for SC 4000, SC5000, SC6000, SC8000 and SC10000 MCWP products. It is fully compatible with the existing Scanclimber mast climbers and standard platform sections.

Top Crane Extension

THE MAST CLIMBER TOP CRANE (MCTC) is an add-on option Scanclimber’s mast climbing work platforms (MCWP). The MCTC is mounted on the top of the MCWP’s mast and it can be slewed 360 degrees around the mast. It can be used for lifting material from ground to platform, and from platform to the facade. The MCTC is compatible with most of the existing MCWPs from Scanclimber’s product catalogue.

Sliding Deck Extension

THE SCANCLIMBER SLIDING DECK EXTENSION (SDE) transforms a Standard Mast Climbing Work Platform in to a dynamically aligning platform that makes it easier and quicker to perform surface work on complex building facades. It moves up and down, like any other platform, but it also moves horizontally with several outreaching decks.

All Reach Extension

ALL REACH EXTENSION (ARE) provides access from Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP) into complex structures. ARE is an out-reaching mast climber extension that can move along the platform, glide in and out from the main platform and can slew 90 degrees. All Reach Extension is designed for places where you have to reach uneven facades and the most complex structures.

MCWP Expansion Double-Decker

THE SCANCLIMBER DOUBLE-DECKER expansion transforms the standard Mast Climbing Work Platform to a dynamically aligning platform that makes it easier and quicker to perform surface work on rounded, curved and arched surfaces. It moves up and down naturally, like any other platform but it also moves horizontally in two levels, with several outreaching decks. Not a standard product.

Snake Platform

THE SCANCLIMBER SNAKE PLATFORM is a versatile addition to the Scanclimber product range. It is a hinged platform system which can be used with Scanclimber SC5000, SC6000 and SC8000 Mast Climbing Work Platforms.

Lifting Table LT500

LT500 is a lifting table which is used to transport and lift construction material to the mast climbing work platform (MCWP). It has a payload capacity of 500 kg and it can lift the materials to a height of 0,3 – 1,6 meters. The LT500 moves up and down with the help of a chain winch or an integrated hydraulic unit.