Lifting Table LT500

LT500 is a lifting table which is used to transport and lift construction material to the mast climbing work platform (MCWP). It has a payload capacity of 500 kg and it can lift the materials to a height of 0,3 – 1,6 meters. The LT500 moves up and down with the help of a chain winch or an integrated hydraulic unit.

LT500 is a lifting tool which is used as an extension to a working platform for transporting the materials from the ground to the platform. MCWPs have minimum loading height over 1 meter because of the wheels and chassis beneath the platform. Hence there is a requirement for another lifting tool to load the necessary components or materials to the platform from the ground. LT500 has loading flaps on both sides. The adjustable outriggers make it a very efficient tool to use on uneven surfaces. The railings on all sides ensure the safety of the material loaded on to the platform and the wheels facilitate lifting table’s horizontal movement.

Technical Data LT500

  • loading capacity
  • lifting height
500 kg
0,3 – 1,6 m
Technical measures and weights

  • table: length x width
  • railing height
  • weight (without chain winch)
1,6 x 1,2 m
1,1 m
 369 kg
Electrical data

  • 3-phase + PE socket CEE (chain winch)
  • 1-Phase (hydraulic unit)


400 VAC, 16 AMP
230 VAC, 16 AMP
Technical data of electrical chain winch (optional)

  • power supply
  • motor power
  • current
  • lifting speed
400 VAC 50 Hz
0,8 kW
1,77 A
0,1 m/s