Educa SC1000

EDUCA SC1000 is a well-balanced, high quality mast climbing work platform which can be used for training purposes in training centres or for real work at construction sites. As a small but harmonised machine, it provides all the properties needed in training environments. It’s an ideal machine for training but also for light facade work which requires a high level of mobility – all in one package. ISO 9001 certification for Scanclimber manufacturing ensures the quality of the product.

AS A MOBILE MACHINE, Educa SC1000 can improve productivity by one third at construction sites. Two people working on the platform can achieve the same results as four people working on traditional scaffoldings. An optional trailer chassis improves mobility even more.

THE MAXIMUM LOADING CAPACITIES are 1300 kg for a single mast and 2000 kg for a twin mast SC1000. With a full 10 meter platform a single mast machine is able to lift 500 kg. Using a twin mast arrangement the platform can be extended up to 25 meters, the lifting capacity thus being 750 kg.

FOR TRAINING PURPOSES Scanclimber has bundled up a special training package of SC1000:

  • 7.1 meter platform with 3 kW lifting motors and full safety system
  • 1.0 meter platform extensions
  • 10 meters mast
  • 3 anchors
  • mini chassis

Available options: trailer chassis, trainer’s training and different types of anchoring.