AT30KL - 300KG Materials Hoist

The Builder Hoist Model

The AT30KL is a compact and versatile builders hoist capable of lifting 300kg with a single phase motor and ideal for sites where power supply is limited. Like our other construction hoists, this model is known for its dependability, easy operation and minimal maintenance costs. We are committed to upholding our solid reputation by offering high quality hoists, and the AT30KL model performs extremely well in several working environments.

Keeping your crew and materials safe is of utmost importance to us. The very reliable rack and pinion system makes sure that all your equipment is safely brought up even at a height of 40m. This machine also has a separate safety brake system for additional security and peace of mind.

Primary Benefits of the AT30KL Builder Hoist

We carry a wide range of hoists that are great for scaffold companies, industrial sites, construction companies, and much more. The AT30KL has a broad set of applications and delivers several benefits, such as:

Large Platforms

Due to the large platform it is easy to load a wheelbarrow on the platform and it is not necessary to climb over the wheelbarrow to get it out of the platform like some other hoist brands. This makes loading and unloading hassle free, as well as time saving. It also minimises the risks of accidents, such as spilling a wheelbarrow full of materials while trying to climb over it.

Please note: Smaller platforms can also be offered if limited space is available. We pride ourselves on offering tailor made solutions, so we carry different platform sizes to suit the needs of your project.

The platforms are fully enclosed and the 1.1m high electrically secured loading ramps makes the use of a separate ramp at ground level unnecessary. This simplicity in design increases the efficiency of this hoist so your crew can work quickly and effectively. It also means you do not need to install and remove additional equipment before and after the project.

Save on transport costs and be self-reliant

It is not necessary to own or hire a truck with a crane to relocate the AT30KL. This also cuts down on transportation costs and waiting times, which saves you both time and money.

The removable tilting transport system makes the DE JONG AT30KL the natural choice for all builders or rental companies. This special system allows the hoist to be packaged in a simple hitch-and-tow configuration. Installation is very fast and easy: simply unhitch, wheel into place, and tilt upright. Just like the old well known old rope hoists but now with the safety technology of today. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Installation is very fast and easy: simply unhitch, wheel into place, and tilt upright. Just like the old well known old rope hoists but now with the safety technology of today. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.


This construction hoist is specifically manufactured to be dependable. De Jong Hoists (Aus) also stock a large selection of spare parts to ensure that any repairs get handled immediately. This means that you will never have to sit around wasting large amounts of time and money while waiting for parts to fix a maintenance issue.

Ease of Use

The smart design of these devices makes them very easy to operate. Whether you need to load the platform or send the hoist up or down, you’ll find the controls intuitive and simple to use. We also install the machines with convenience in mind, so that it is easy to use the hoist on your specific project and construction site.

Low maintenance costs

Its fully hot dipped and very robust frame ensures minimal maintenance costs, which makes it a perfect investment. The machine is specifically designed for a high level of durability. This means that maintenance and repair issues happen much less often. When they do, we will use our large inventory of spare parts to get you back up and running immediately.

Minimise Waste on the Job

With other transportation methods, your crew has to spend more time waiting for materials to be loaded and transported to the desired location. With a rack and pinion device, everything is easy to use and travels fairly quickly. This allows your crew to spend more time focused on their tasks, minimising wasted time and finishing the entire project more quickly

Why do Business with Us?

We believe that our products and services stack up well against the other companies in this industry. One unique element of our business philosophy is that we are involved in the entire process and rack and pinion hoists are our core business. That means we have our hoists specially modified and fully installed based on the project at hand. We also handle maintenance, repairs, and several other issues ourselves.

Before we sell or rent a construction hoist, we make sure that we fully understand your unique needs. From there, we can recommend the best machine for the job, as well as offer a tailor made solution and installation. This ensures that you get what you need and are able to complete your work smoothly and efficiently.

We also have a team of highly qualified and trained craftsmen from electricians to technicians. Not only can these professionals oversee and assist in an installation, but they can also complete an installation from start to finish. If you ever have a maintenance issue or problem with your machine, we will send our team out to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Aside from this commitment to customer service, we also pride ourselves on carrying the highest quality products. Our construction hoists are specifically designed for performance and reliability. This attention to detail allows us to deliver products that are incredibly well suited to your specific project.

Call or email us today to learn more about what we can do for you. We also have a contact form on our website if you would prefer us to contact you. We look forward to hearing from you and let you experience

that Dutch quality does not need to be expensive.

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Brochure DEJONG AT30L tilting

Lifting Capacity: 300kg.
Power requirement: 240V single phase
Platform dimensions *: 155 x 130 cm.
** 155 x 90 cm.
Hoisting speed: 13 m/min.
Max mast height: 40m.
Weight basic machine ***: 550 kg.
Motor capacity: 1.5 kW
* Standard delivered platform
** On request delivered platform size.
*** Not including tilting system and masts.