SC500K is the midle size hoist of Scanclimber Light-weight industrial hoist product family. With a load capacity 500 kg and lifting speed from 36 to 60 m/min hoist provide a fast and convenient way to carry smaller payloads of personnel and materials vertically in demanding conditions such as at bridges, harbours, mines, silos, power plants and ship building.

THE MODULAR SYSTEM allows to choose hoist with the required configuration and special features and characteristics. There are available a wide variety of landing doors and mast anchoring systems. The hoist’s structure and material are resistant to weather variations and retard the influence of corrosive materials. The hoist can be installed both indoors and outside.

A MAST CAN CHOSEN according the hoist’s installation space needs. Special conditions may require a very small hoist footprint, then narrow two-pipe or four-pipe masts can be used.