Taurus SC6000

RACK AND PINION DRIVEN SC6000 mast climbing work platform is a middle heavy weight lifting machine and working platform – all in one package. It suits well for facade work that requires high capacity, whether for new construction or restoration. It is Scanclimber’s entry product for heavy-duty facade work, and for projects requiring extra-large platform size.

SC6000’S 1,6 M WIDE PLATFORM provides enough space for workers to perform their job in comfort. Starting from 4,1 meters, the single mast Taurus can grow up to 16,9 meters in length. With two masts, the platform length can be extended up to 44,6 meters. If needed, it is possible to use this twin as two separate machines.

Taurus SC6000 is available with the Scanclimber Snake platform, which as the name suggests, squirms to “any” position.