Warehouse Elevators

Are you looking for a safe and cost effective way of lifting your goods onto your mezzanine floor in your warehouse? DE JONG warehouse elevators combine the advantages of a safe rack & pinion drive system with a very robust and modern appearance.

Our warehouse elevators are designed on a no nonsense industrial basis. Everything on it is functional and no money is wasted on non necessities. Your investment is therefore only what you require: a safe and very reliable elevator.

Simplicity in operation.

The DE JONG warehouse elevators are very simple to operate and no high risk license is required to operate.

All landing doors and platform loading ramps are electrically controlled and also have mechanical locking systems. The landing doors can only be opened when the platform is at the required landing. The vertical closure of the access ramps makes sure that the load automatically is secured on the platform.

Due to the fact that the machines are permanently installed on one location and only vertically go up and down there is less risk of accidents and damaged gear at the workplace

Advantages DE JONG ware house elevators:

  • Very low maintenance required.
  • No high risk license required to operate the machine.
  • Much safer than using a forklift or reach truck to get materials at height.
  • Installation possible without an elevator pit
  • Elevator shaft made out of square mesh panels gives transparency over the whole travel path of the platform.

We understand that every situation is unique and every customer has its own specific demands but have managed to find an optimal mixture between standard components in combination with a tailor made product. This keeps the costs down without doing any compromise to quality and flexibility.

Various specifications:

  • Lift capacity from 300 up to 2250 Kg.
  • Platform dimensions.
  • Drive system 230V single phase or 415V 3 phase
  • Landing heights.
  • Number of landings.
  • Control systems.
  • Shaft designs.

Don’t wait any longer and start using your extra floor space more efficiently with a safe and reliable DE JONG warehouse elevator.

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