SC1500K HOIST is one of our Heavy-duty industrial hoists product family. With a load capacity 1500 kg and lifting speed from 36 to 60 m/min hoist can serve in different industrial applications. Good lifting ability and ropust structure enable to transport people, materials and tools with a spacious hoist cage up to a lifting height of 200 m.

THE MODULAR SYSTEM allows to choose hoist with the required configuration and special features and characteristics. There are available a wide variety of landing doors and mast anchoring systems.

Technical Data SC1500K
Payload 1500 kg or 15 persons
Speed 36 m/min
52 m/min
Lifting height >200 m
Max. free mast after topmost anchoring 5 m
Max. distance between anchors 12 m
Weight of the mast section 134 kg
Weight of the lift car 1100 kg
Operation temperature -25°C – +45 °C
Noise level to the surroundings [dB (A)] Max. 80 dB
Electrical Data SC1500K
Number of lifting motors 2
Motor rating 9,2 kW
Starting current 63 A
Power consumption 10 kW
Supply voltage 230/400 V  AC 50 Hz
Lift control voltage

  • safety
  • control circuits

  • 48 V AC
  • 24 V DC
Lighting circuit voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz
Signal circuit voltage

  • lamps
  • buzzer 

  • 48 V AC
  • 12 V AC
Permissible voltage variation ±5 %
Fault mode current protection residual current device