Monster SC8000

RACK AND PINION DRIVEN SC8000 mast climbing work platform is a robust lifting machine as well as a working platform – all in one convenient package. You can lift materials and workers to the desired working height safely and conveniently at the same time. It is ideal for heavy-duty facade work, and for projects requiring extra-large platform size. A mast climbing work platform saves time and money at work sites.

THE LOADING CAPACITY is 4500 kg for a single mast SC8000 and 8000 kg for a twin mast arrangement. With a full 17-meter platform, a single mast machine is able to lift 2800 kg. Using a twin mast arrangement the platform can be extended up to 46 meters, the lifting capacity thus being 1000 kg. Swivelling telescopic outriggers of the wheel chassis allow the chassis’ support points to be spread far apart. This enables great free-standing heights. A maximum free-standing height of a SC8000 mast climbing work platform is 19 meters. When anchored with standard parts at constant intervals the mast can reach up to a height of 150 meters. Special anchoring allows even greater heights with no limits.

SC8000 MAST CLIMBING WORK PLATFORM can be used as a single or a twin mast arrangement. SC8000 moves workers, tools and building materials to the desired height with a single lift.