Luna SC3500L

THE ELECTRICALLY-DRIVEN Luna SC3500L mast climbing work platform is a middle weight lifting machine and working platform – all in one package. It suits well for any building and restoration projects where the operation space is scarce, required lifting capacity varies between 1 to 4 tonnes.

LUNA’S 1.3 M WIDE PLATFORM provides enough space for workers to perform their job in comfort but requires only little room on site. An electrically-powered lifting mechanism drives the platform at the speed of 9.5 meters per minute with a simple push button.

SC3500L COMBINES low ownership costs with versatility, reliability and safety. It is the ideal access solution for a wide variety of trades: glazing, EIFS, painting, roofing, caulking, restoration, inspection, cleaning, maintenance etc. Compact and highly adaptable, the SC3500L offers platform extensions to achieve a number of configurations that accommodate various facades.