AT850 - 850KG Materials Hoist

Dependable Materials Hoist

Do you need maximum load capacity at the lowest costs? The DE JONG rack and pinion hoist AT850 offers the best option. This machine has all the advantages of the smaller model AT50 but combines this with a maximum load capacity of 850 kg.

This makes the machine ideal for the jobs where complete pallets of bricks need to be transported in one go, saving both time and money. Using a smaller machine with a lower capacity would require multiple trips, which can be costly for the project.

This brick hoist is the logical choice at large building projects and shutdown work at industrial plants where time is money.

The machine is standard, executed with an electronic overload device, which will make overloading of the platform impossible and reduce the chance of damage to the machine. Even with this large 850kg load capacity, only a power connection 415V – 20 amp is needed which will be available on most construction sites.

The standard building height of up to 75m (greater heights on request) makes sure there is no job too high for this machine. The AT850 materials hoists is ideal for construction on office buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, universities, and more.

Here are some of the primary features and benefits that the AT850 materials hoist has to offer.

Large Platform

The machine is equipped with a standard large square platform of about 150 x150cm. which makes it easy to change the loading ramps to any desired position.

Transporting of larger goods is no problem. The platform can be extended easily to 250 x 150 or even 300 x 150cm by adding optional platform extension sets. This makes the machine ideal for the transportation of Gyproc , kitchen bench tops or for example bathroom furniture to  every required level. With this platform size, load capacity it is one of the most versatile machines on the market.


The mast of this machine (even with this big load capacity) can still be installed without the need of a mobile crane.

The installation of the masts can easily and safely take place from inside the platform. You can use the special designed auxiliary mast (optional.) The 3 mast bolts guarantee a quick installation. An optional erection platform is available for difficult tie-in situations.

The standard 4 heavy duty screw jacks make installation on uneven ground level fast and efficient. If needed, we can oversee the installation and be completely involved in the setup.

Extended Height Cage

The machines can also be delivered with a fully enclosed 2m height cage. This will add extra safety during transport of goods which are longer in length in the cage. In most situations it will make the need for the installation of a full scaffold surrounding up to full height of the mast unnecessary which will be a large saving on costs.


The masts, cable guides, floor stops, and mast tie ins of the AT850-850kg goods hoist are interchangeable with the AT50-500kg hoist. This makes an investment in this machine even more profitable if you own one of the AT50 models already.

Proven Reliability

De Jong – Holland manufactures every hoist, including the AT850, with performance and dependability in mind. This is why we only use the highest quality materials and parts. We also take the design of our machines very seriously, as well as the entire manufacturing process. This attention to detail allows us to make machines that are reliable and rarely need repair work.

Low Maintenance Costs

The frame and mast are fully hot dipped galvanized, and very robust which ensures minimal maintenance costs. The 8 nylatron platform rollers have self-lubricating bearings which make the machine run very smoothly and easy to maintain. We also carry a large selection of spare parts. This ensures that we can fix any maintenance issues quickly so you can get back to work.

Improved Job Efficiency

Other lifting devices for transporting materials are fairly inefficient. This is because they take longer to load and move, which means that your crew will spend more time waiting around for their materials and tools. These add up over the long term and lead to unnecessary waste and costs. Our materials hoists keep downtime to a minimum and keep you up to speed!.

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Brochure DEJONG AT850

Lifting Capacity: 850kg.
Platform dimensions *: 150 x 150 cm.
** 250 x 150 cm.
*** 300 x 150 cm.
Power requirement: 415V 3 phase
Max mast height: 75m (Higher on request)
Tie in distance: every 4.5m.
Hoisting speed: 20 m/min.
Weight basic machine: 1100kg.appr.
Motor capacity: 7.5 kW
* Standard delivered platform
** Executed with platform extension set (lifting cap.reduced by 100kg.)
*** Executed with platform extensionset (lifting cap.reduced by 150kg.)