MP1000 - 1000KG Materials Hoist

If you are looking for the most heavy duty and reliable machines available on the market then the DE JONG  MP1000/1500/2000 series are the ones which will satisfy all your needs. These machines are designed to perform in environments were the most is requested from the machine and of course comply with the highest safety standards.

The MP1000 has got a lifting capacity of 1000kg. It can be executed with a front load which makes it very easy to load, for example full pallets with materials into the hoist with a forklift will make the machine even more efficient.

Large platform:

The machine is equipped with a standard platform size of 220 x150cm but can be executed with a platform of  320 x 150cm or even 4.20x 150cm is a possibility. This means that basically all materials or machines that need to go up or down on  construction sites can be brought safely to height with this machine. The usage of a (tower) crane on site will be less necessary which will also be a huge saving on site costs. An other advantage is that in case the tower crane  is out of service due to windy conditions the hoist in most occasions will still be operational which means less down time and faster construction times.


The installation of the masts can easily and safely take place from  the installation platform at the side of the mast which is delivered as standard.  You can use the special designed electrical auxiliary mast (optional). The tie in distance can be up to every 12m which makes it possible to install it on locations where anchoring is difficult.


Fully enclosed cage:

The machines is standard delivered with a fully enclosed cage which makes it very safe to transport longer materials with the machine, a scaffold  surrounding up to full height will be unnecessary  in most situations which will be a large saving on costs.

The machine can also be delivered with a full base enclosure (option)  which brings this machine up to the highest safety levels possible.



The masts of the MP1000 are interchangeable with the mast of the MP1500/2000 and  the Man & materials hoists PT1000/1500/2000 from DE JONG which makes it a very profitable investment for companies who want to expand.

Low maintenance costs

The frame and mast are fully hot dipped galvanized, and extremely robust executed which ensures minimal maintenance costs.

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Brochure DEJONG MP1000

Lifting Capacity: 1000kg.
Platform dimensions (Option 1): 220 x 150 cm.
(Option 2): 320 x 150 cm.
(Option 3): 420 x 150 cm.
Power requirement: 415V 3 phase
Max mast height: 75m. (Higher on request)
Tie in distance: every 12m.
Hoisting speed: 24 m/min.
Weight basic machine*: 2250kg. appr.
Motor capacity: 2 x 5.5 kW
* 220x150cm platform