AT50 - 500KG Materials Hoist

Looking for a reliable safe and very versatile machine, then the DE JONG AT50-500kg is more than likely the solution for you. This very robust rack & pinion machine will stand its ground on all construction sites where the machines are pushed to their limits.

Its standard building height of up to 75m (greater heights on request) puts this machine head and shoulders above all its competitors.

Large platform:

The machine is equipped with a standard large square platform of about 150 x150cm which makes it easy to change the loading ramps to any desired position.

But if you have to transport larger goods, no problem. The platform can be extended easily to 250 x 150 or even 300 x 150cm by adding optional platform extension sets. This makes the machine ideal for the transportation of Gyproc or kitchen bench tops to every required level.


The installation of the masts can easily and safely take place from   inside of the platform. You can use the special designed auxiliary mast (optional.) The 3 mast bolts guarantee a quick installation.

The 4  heavy duty screwjacks which are standard supplied make installation on uneven ground level very fast and easy.

Extended height cage

The machines can also be delivered with a fully enclosed 2m height cage. This will add extra safety during transport of longer goods in the cage. In most situations it will make the need for the  installation of a full scaffold surrounding up to full height of the mast unnecessary which will be a large saving on costs.


The masts of the AT50-500kg hoist can also be interchanged with the AT850-850kg which underlines the robustness of the entire machine.

Low maintenance costs

The frame and mast are fully hot dipped galvanized, and very robust which ensures minimal maintenance costs. The 8 nylatron platform rollers have self lubricating bearings which make the machine run very smoothly and easy to maintain.

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Brochure DEJONG AT50

Lifting Capacity: 500kg.
Platform dimensions *: 150 x 150 cm.
** 250 x 150 cm.
*** 300 x 150 cm.
Power requirement: 415V 3 phase
Max mast height: 75m (Higher on request)
Tie in distance: every 6m.
Hoisting speed: 24 m/min.
Weight basic machine: 1000kg. appr.
Motor capacity: 4.0 kW
* Standard delivered platform
** Executed with platform extension set (lifting cap.reduced by 100kg.)
*** Executed with platform extensionset (lifting cap.reduced by 150kg.)