Sliding Deck Extension

THE SCANCLIMBER SLIDING DECK EXTENSION (SDE) transforms a Standard Mast Climbing Work Platform in to a dynamically aligning platform that makes it easier and quicker to perform surface work on complex building facades. It moves up and down, like any other platform, but it also moves horizontally with several outreaching decks.

MCWP WITH SLIDING DECK EXTENSION (SDE) allows work on complex facades with several independently back and forth sliding platform decks (modules). Additionally you may have it with an additional working level fixed on top of the sliding deck extension. Two level version decks can also slide back and forth independently.

THE INDEPENDENTLY MOVING DECKS can slide 1.6 m outwards from the main platform. If a Sliding Deck Extension is equipped with an upper deck level, it moves along with the lower deck. The upper deck is 2.1 m above the lower deck.

THE MOVEMENTS of the deck modules are controlled by motorized drive units using pendant remote control or manually. There is a separate drive unit for every deck module. If the platform is equipped with two levels, the upper level platform modules move with the main decks.

THE SLIDING DECK EXTENSION platform is well suited for work on complex building surfaces, where there is a need to work on facades or high horizontal surfaces with protruding obstructions.

SDE IS A MODULAR SYSTEM, which can be built to fit complex facade work. The number and width of decks is a dynamic factory option; this means that the customer can decide the number of moving decks before ordering the product.

THE WIDTH OF THE DECK MODULES on both platform levels can be manufactured according to customer needs. Also the number of decks can vary. SDE expansion is available on Scanclimber’s MCWP models: SC5000, SC6000, SC8000 and SC10000.

THE MCWP CAN BE INSTALLED in one position and moved both vertically and horizontally during the work process.


  • ability to adjust the platform front reach partially and steplessly whilst in the air and in complete safety
  • provide work access on buildings with facade overhangs and offsets
  • small set up ground area allows use in congested environments
  • low-weight components do not require special transport or craneage
  • robust design, materials and manufacture allow freedom of use in demanding/ harsh conditions
  • fast erection and dismantling massively reduce overall production downtime.
Sliding deck extension: Range 0,2-1,6 m
Sliding deck extension : Platform width 0,8-4,8 m
Paylod 240 kg ( 2 persons + tools)
Compatiblity with MCWP models
  • SC5000
  • SC6000
  • SC8000
  • SC10000
Options Electrically driven
Manually driven