Maxus SC5000

RACK AND PINION DRIVEN Maxus SC5000 mast climbing work platform is a mid-heavyweight lifting machine and working platform – all in one package. It can handle extreme heights, climbing fast and reliably up to 300 meters. It is well suited for any facade work that requires a capacity from 1 to 5-tonnes, whether for new construction or restoration.

Maxus SC5000’S 1,6 M WIDE PLATFORM provides enough space for workers to perform their job in comfort. Starting from 4,1 meters, the single mast Maxus can grow up to 16,9 meters in length. With two masts, the platform length can be extended up to 40,6 meters. If needed, it is possible to use this twin as two separate machines.

Maxus SC5000 is available with various useful options such as: squirming Snake platform, Bricklayers extensions, Lifting table LT500, swinging Lifting arm, Mast assembly crane arm and many others.